Pizza Hut Catering Prices

Frank and Dan Carney who were two students of the Wichita State University and they started the first Pizza Hut restaurant in 1958 in Wichita in Kansas as a sole outlet. Manhattan in Kansas has the distinction of being the oldest Pizza Hut outlet in the world that is still in business and since its opening, it has been continuously serving customers in the shopping and tavern district of Aggieville close to the Kansas State University. Lawrence Berberick and Gary Meyers opened the first Pizza Hut restaurant on the east of the Mississippi at Athens, Ohio in 1966. Pizza Hut is a global chain of restaurants and is seen in many countries including Macau, Hong Kong, China,Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam,The Philippines, Pakistan, India, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Honduras, United Kingdom, Bangladesh, Mexico, and Canada. It also claims the distinction of being the first American franchise to open for business in Iraq. Unfortunately, the company has noticed a dip in sales in the last couple of years and in an attempt to boost sales, they have announced plans for a rebranding beginning in November 2014. They will be adding lots of new and interesting offerings to their menu including a selection of pizza crusts with new flavors and 11 new special pies. You will also be seeing their workers in redesigned uniforms. If you’re looking to get food catered for a large group of guests, you can rely on Pizza Hut Catering for some quick, efficient, convenient and economical food. Choose a meal plan depending on the number of your guests like 10, 15, 25, or 50 and have it delivered hot, fresh from the oven and completely mouth-watering. Put together your own choices and order from the Pizza Hut Catering Menu.

Pizza Hut Catering Menu Prices

Price per 1-topping large pizza (14")
8-15 Pizzas $9,00
16-30 Pizzas $8,50
31+ Pizzas $8,00
Each family size pasta comes with 5 breadsticks & serves 3-4.
6-15 Pastas $12,00
16-30 Pastas $11,00
31+ Pastas $10,00
48 Wings $32,00
72 Wings $43,00
96 Wings $58,00
120 Wings $72,00
Side Salad $2,99
2 Large Pizzas or 2 Family Size Pastas 16 Wings 2 Sides $35,00
4 Large Pizzas or 4 Family Size Pastas 24 Wings 4 Sides $65,00
8 Large Pizzas or 8 Family Size Pastas 48 Wings 8 Sides $125,00
12 Large Pizzas or 12 Family Size Pastas 96 Wings 12 Sides $185,00
Additional Toppings (per topping) $1,50
Extra Cheese $2,00