Jimmy Johns Catering Prices

1983 and the winds of change were blowing hard in America. The Cold War was in progress with Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr. spearheading it. Barbie and GI Joe were a romantic couple and teenagers were slow dancing to Total Eclipse of the Heart wearing tightly rolled pants. If there was anything lacking, it was good, wholesome, delicious food and the it was a teenager that came up with the perfect answer to America's demands. His name? 19-year-old Jimmy John Liautaud Jimmy understood that the secret to the world's most awesome gourmet sandwich lay in its simplicity. He grabbed a bunch of cookbooks from the local library and set about creating the perfect bread that was to win awards later. His first experience with four sandwiches tested on family members and friends won him the appreciation he needed to forge ahead. That was all he needed to start his first Jimmy John's. The USP? Economical prices, delicious food and efficient delivery coupled with a rebellious attitude. What was first started as a small sandwich store is today a flourishing empire with more than 2000 very successful outlets. Jimmy Johns Catering service is considered as one of the best in the market today with a great menu and a request for a heads-up of 24 hours for catering to your orders. But if you do need food on a short order, they will do their best to accommodate you. Look for their Party Planners that include 15 to 30 pieces of platters, whose contents you can mix and match. All you need to do is choose your sub combination and Jimmy Johns will take care of all the arrangements for you. Should you opt for the box lunches, there will be a selection of subs or club sandwiches along with chips, giant cookies and pickle spears all packed in a box that is perfectly designed for carry and use. Check the list below for their prices and menu list.

Jimmy Johns Catering Menu Prices

30 Piece Platter (10 sandwiches) $50,00
15 Piece Platter (5 sandwiches) $26,00
6 Feet (Feeds 18-24) $110,00
4 Feet (Feeds 12-16) $75,00
2 Feet (Feeds 6-8) $40,00
Your choice, any sub or club, choice of chips, giant cookie & pickle spear in a perfect box, easy to carry, easy to use. Club box lunch is a buck extra. (Minimum of 4 box lunches must be ordered.)
Slim Box Lunch $6.50/Person
Gourmet Sub Boxed Lunch $7.50/Person
Giant Club Boxed Lunch $1,00
PICKLE BUCKET (Per Quart) $5,00
GOURMET CHIPS (Per Bag) $1,00
GOURMET COOKIES (per Tray) $17,50
22oz SOFT DRINKS $1,49
30oz SOFT DRINKS $1,79