Five Guys Catering Menu Prices

Residents of Washington, D.C. are probably familiar with the Five Guys that has been popular since the year, 1986. It has an interesting history that says, that Jerry and Janie Murrell offered two choices to the four young Murrell brothers. They could either go to college or start a business and apparently the business and consequently a restaurant idea was the winner. Soon, the Murrell family had started a burger outlet in Arlington, Virginia, that served take-away. With Jerry and Janie in the lead and overseeing the operations, the Murrell family restaurant offered only handmade burgers, perfectly grilled and served with the freshest of fries made in unadulterated peanut oil. People loved them and their food and soon they caught the notice of the media. They were also voted the best burgers in the metro locale. Through the decades of the 1980's and the 1990's, the Murrells had developed a perfect but efficient method. They had established that Five Guys was the ideal location to pick up a handcrafted burgers and fries. A fifth Murrell brother also arrived on the scene even as four more outlets were opened with seating space for their expanding customer base. More than 20 years down the line, there are now more than 1500 outlets coming up in more than 1,000 locations. The media keeps the Five Guys in the news and they have managed to collect a devoted, global fan following. While the Five Guys do not have a catering service, they are well-renowned and serve awesome food that you absolutely must try. They have earned lots of kudos and awards from a range of institutions from the “#1 Burger for Lunch in NYC” to the “Voted Best French Fries.” Along with delicious burgers, they now also serve delectable hot digs and sandwiches with fries for sides. So get your loved ones together and drop in at the Five Guys for some no-frills, instant food, packed with taste and fun.

Some nice Five Guys Menu Items

Food Price
Cheeseburger $8
Bacon Burger $8,20
Bacon Cheeseburger $9
Hamburger $7
Little Hamburger $5
Little Cheeseburger $5,80
Little Bacon Burger $6,20
Little Bacon Cheeseburger $7
Hot Dog $5
Cheese Dog $5,50
Bacon Dog $5,80
Bacon Cheese Dog $6,50
Veggie Sandwich $3,70
Veggie Sandwich with Cheese $4,60
Grilled Cheese $4,60
BLT (Bacon, lettuce, tomatoes) sandwich. $5,70
Fries Regular...$4.30
Cajun Fries Regular...$4.30
Peanuts Free with any order