Famous Daves Catering Menu Prices

The first Famous Daves restaurant was opened in 1994 near Hayward in Wisconsin under the name of Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que. And the credit for this very popular chain of restaurants goes to Dave Anderson, and Ojibwe whose career began when he took the post of the chief of the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs. He served with the company from 2004 to 2005. Famous Dave serves a delightful menu of beef brisket, chicken, and pork ribs along with a range of delicious barbecue sauces in different flavors. By the time 2014 arrived, the chain had opened outlets through all the states of the midwest of the U.S. and also Puerto Rico. Statistics gathered in December, 2012 say that it caters to customers through 200 outlets in 34 states of America and one in Canada. Unfortunately, the first outlet was razed by fire on November 3, 2014. If you are looking to organize any kind of event, it could be a large or small-scale event such as one at a school, wedding or corporate event, you can rely on Famous Daves catering menu for the food. You could pick up the catering food yourself or request for a delivery. Or you could book a set-up and full service. Order items from the Famous Daves Catering menu including the BBQ Blowout (Chicken Wings, chopped pork, buns), Backyard BBQ (chicken wings, chopped pork, country-roasted chickens) and handmade offerings to pamper your sweet tooth. Look for their platters in various categories such as rib-n-meat combo, fresh fruit and Dave's very popular bread pudding. Place your Famous Daves Catering order according to the number of guests you'll have and make sure you won’t have loads of leftovers you don’t know what to do with. Famous Dave's Catering spells convenience, great service and above all, awesome food. Check below for their prices and menus.

Famous Daves catering menu prices

Mixed Green or Caesar Salad - 1/2 Pan (Serves 10 - 15) $12,99
Mixed Green or Caesar Salad - Full Pan (Serves 30 - 40) $29,99
Chicken Wings - (choose from 6 flavors) by-the-dozen $8,99
Chicken Wings - (choose from 6 flavors) Wing Platter (60 wings) $39,99
Vegetables & Dip - (Serves 30 - 35) $39,99
Fresh Fruit Platter - (Serves 30 - 35) $49,99
Great Balls of Fire™ Meatballs - by-the-dozen $8,49
Guiltless Chicken - Grilled Chicken Breasts (Choose Italian-Marinated or Chipotle-Lime Glazed), Fire-Grilled Veggies, Sweet Mashed Potatoes, Strawberries & Cream Frozen Yogurt. $9,99
Happy & Healthy - Chipotle Lime-Glazed Salmon, Rice Pilaf, Green Beans, Strawberries & Cream Frozen Yogurt $10,99
The Skinny Buffet - Dave’s Sassy Salad (Includes Crisp Greens, Cheddar Cheese, Diced Tomatoes, Smoked Bacon, Diced Egg, Cucumbers, Shoestring Potatoes), Your Choice of Grilled Chicken Strips, BBQ Pulled, Chicken, Georgia Chopped Pork or Texas Beef Brisket, Strawberries & Cream Frozen Yogurt. $8,99
Add Baked Potato Bar $2,99
Piglet - Choose 1 meat from the list below and 2 sides. $6,99
Lil’ Pig Plus - Choose 2 meat from the list below and 2 sides. $8,99
Ribs N’ Que - Choose 1 meat from the list below + Choice of two sides. $10,99
Whole Hog - Choose 2 meats from the list below + Choice of two sides. $13,99
Lil’ Pig Ribs - Award Winning St. Louis Spareribs + Choice of two sides. $8,99
Meats: Georgia Chopped Pork, Texas Beef Brisket, Pulled BBQ Chicken, Hotlink Sandwich, Country-Roasted or BBQ Chicken, Chicken Wings, or Rib Tips.
Sides: Wilbur Beans, Garlic Red-Skin, Mashed Potatoes, Creamy Coleslaw, Corn Bread Muffins, Potato Salad, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans, Dave’s Cheesy, Mac & Cheese, Corn-on-the-Cob, Homemade BBQ Chips, Collard Greens, Rice Pilaf
Fire-Grilled Veggies $0,79
Bottled Water or Canned Soda $1,00
Gallon of Tea, Sweet Tea or Lemonade $5,99
Famous Brownie Squares - Tray of 48 $29,99
Famous Brownie Squares - Tray of 96 $54,99
Bread Pudding - 1/2 pan (18 servings) $27,99
Bread Pudding - Full pan (36 servings) $49,99
Banana Pudding - 1/2 pan (18-24 servings) $27,99
Banana Pudding - Full pan (40-50 servings) $49,99
Fresh Baked Pies - 8 pieces/pie $14,99
Fresh Baked Cookies - Dozen $8,99